Contributing Guidelines

Signed packages

Releases can be verified using the minisign tool.

  $minisign -Vm  -P RWRp6fDk3xmMR66imdmX9Pc9VLcwKaGrpgW6SqW6rWMRPZ6NBiC5bD3e

Build System & Package Manager

Tools that solve problems you don't have slow down your productivity. We created this crude and simple solution. It does not (and doesn't need to)...

It does...


  clang++ >= 8.0
  node.js >= 12
  git >= 2.0


  $build -h

    build v2.0.0

    build [...args]                   build the project [with ...args]
    build -h|help                     print this help screen
    build -i|install [dep]            recursively install dep(s)
    build -u|upgrade [dep]            recursively upgrade dep(s)
    build add <remote> [hash] [-d]    add git dep [at commit] [as dev]
    build init                        initialze a new project
    build run <name>                  run a sepecific script
    build test                        run the test script


Becase dependencies are in a well known location, and each one contains a package.json file, sources and headers can be discovered and easily passed to the compiler.

Test and build commands

The test and build command will recursively find all dependency files and flags, dedupe them and pass them to the compiler. This is sufficiant and works well for all cases in this project.


Hypercore module topology